A European improv network​



The SIN is a network of international improvisers in Europe that meets twice a year to create an environment of support and collaboration across borders. It is their ambition to explore the art of improvisational theatre together as well as sharing advice and good practices regarding organizating and producing improv. The ultimate goal is to boost improvisational theatre in local communities throughout Europe by working together and learning from each other within the international community. 

Members of The SIN are ambitious improvisers who are also involved in organization (in their group, theatre, community, events, or festival) and that are willing to invest time and energy in the network. Founded in 2017, the network has more than doubled in size from its initial six members. The SIN strive towards a balance of representation in gender, nationality, style and background since different perspectives offer the best opportunity to learn and grow.






The core of the SIN are its bi-annual meetings, where members come together for several days to bond and collaborate. Meetings give the space to experiment and work together on pushing the art form, developing ways to  grow improv in Europe, and building towards ensuring an inclusive community. 


Members of the SIN are working on a book of essay on improv, coming out in early 2021.